Pilot Study: HAF/A3
Air Crew Task Force

CLR supports the Air Crew Task Force at USAF Headquarters in their mission to restore health to the USAF pilot ecosystem. The CLR team provides strategic advisory to the ACTF commander, executing process analysis, identifying gaps in capabilities and tools to inventory and evaluate pilot ecosystem initiatives. CLR experts work with ACTF action officers to assist with inter-agency collaboration, launch big-data management approaches and conduct pilot-level insight interviews. Additionally, CLR connects the ACTF with specialists holding USAF leadership expertise and executive-level backgrounds in civil aviation for additional guidance on pilot-related issues.

Pilot Study: AFWERX
Assembly SBIR

CLR is teaming with Federal Foundry to develop a big-data-driven solution for improving the assignments system for USAF pilots. By combining insights gathered through CLR’s individual-level research and statistical analysis of USAF pilot surveys with efficiencies derived from algorithmic automation of pilot assignments, the Assembly team will provide the USAF with tools to increase pilot quality of service while reducing the time and resource requirements of the assignments process.

Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Civil Reserve Air Fleet Study

AMC has selected CLR to execute a major study to review the CRAF program, an air logistics operation vital to furnishing the US military with passenger and cargo support in times of war and peace. This is the third such review executed by CLR, which brings together retired flag officers from the USAF as well as executive-level leaders from the airline industry to produce proposals on updating CRAF policies in light of changing military requirements and economic realities.

Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Executive Advisory Services for Commercial Aviation

CLR furnishes executive-level expertise to provide Air Mobility Command and the Air Mobility Commander executive level advice and analysis on the Airline Industry as it relates to DoD. Major topics include fleet changes in the global market, expanding airlift opportunities for the commercial enterprise, CRAF program structure in a dynamic environment, quality of service to enhance customer satisfaction, and organizational structure to support efficient and effective mobility operations across the spectrum of requirements.

United States Air Force Leadership Development Program (AFLDP) Training Support Services (TSS)

CLR provides a full range of technical, functional, and managerial expertise to support the continual development, sustainment, enhancement, and facilitation of the United States Air Force’s (USAF) force development and senior leader development programs. The USAF Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower, Personnel, and Services (AF/A1) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Integration, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (SAF/AQX) procure professional and IT support services via the AFLDP to assist with plans and policy development; education and training course design and execution; force development and senior leader development effort analysis; meeting facilitation; IT systems development, maintenance and administration; and program oversight.

Acquisition App Store (AAS)

The Acquisition App Store (AAS) is a platform that allows multiple tools in the acquisition domain to share information in a tightly-integrated manner so that work can be performed more efficiently. CLR has been working on this transition for the Air Force since 2011 when CLR began cloud migration planning and implementation. CLR has the expertise for the AAS program and its related suite of products – many of them custom designed and built by us. The mission of AAS is to transition Acquisition IT to a SOA environment, using the enterprise services provided by the DISA, and to facilitate the dissemination of acquisition information using an Enterprise Information Environment. Each release of capability represents the integration of specific IT technologies to facilitate more effective communications among DoD and USAF acquisition leaders and staff, and Program Management Office (PMO) personnel.

AAS includes SMART as a legacy system (currently), as well as the CLR developed Acquisition Identity Manager (AQ_IDM). AQ_IDM was created by salvaging the Air Force Program Master Relationship Key (PMRK), a program being worked for several years with no solution delivered. In less than a year’s time, CLR transformed PMRK’s vision of a single hierarchy solution to AQ_IDM, allowing data relationships between multiple systems with no previous discernible connections. AQ_IDM provides automated electronic reporting previously requiring human analysts.

Support for IT Transformation (SITT)

CLR provides automation and IT services in support of acquisition transformation and integration initiatives on behalf of the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. CLR supports the Air Force’s overall strategy to implement evolutionary acquisition into Air Force programs and to implement effects-based, capability-focused planning.

System Metric and Reporting Tool (SMART)

On behalf of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (Integration) (SAF/AQX), CLR is continuing to develop, maintain, and implement the System Metric and Reporting Tool, known as SMART.

Air Force Technical And Analytical Support
for Professional Services (AFTAS PRO)

The requirement for CLR is to provide business improvement processes to the Air Force transformation and integration effort. The Air Force transformation and integration effort contributes to the overall strategy for implementing Evolutionary Acquisition.