CLR's leadership team includes experts with decades' of experience across varied logistics fields - commercial and military air freight, trucking, and logistics planning. Our principals have held senior managerial and C-suite appointments at leading airlines and trucking companies, as well as extensive military service as Army logisticians. This double expertise in both the commercial and military worlds positions CLR as a leading innovator and pioneer in logistics planning and transformation.

We have executed US Transportation Command/Air Mobility Command studies related to the commercialization of the C-17 aircraft and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program. CLR's leadership developed locally-managed, tribal-owned trucking companies in Iraq and Afghanistan to replace US military personnel, keeping troops out of harms way while providing local nationals with economic opportunity and cost savings to the military client. With our experience and expertise, we are the strategic partner of choice for public-sector logistics projects.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Operating in Kinetic Environments
  • Partnering with Government Clients
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Feasibility Study/Business Plan Development
  • Dynamic Market Forecasting