CLR has extensive experience working with government clients across agencies to deliver optimum solutions in IT, aviation, training and logistics

Global Projects, Global Reach
Scott Airforce Base
CLR executes the CRAF study and the CAEAS Program for AMC at TRANSCOM
Hanscom Airforce Base
CLR integrated the Application App Store and the SMART program for the Air Force
Central Iraq
CLR leaders pioneered the tribal Iraqi Transportation Network, improving security and create jobs for Iraqis
Safwan (Iraq/Kuwait Border)
The ITN created a state-of-the-art transit hub to facilitate cross-border trucking and stimulate economic development
Dubai, UAE
Together with our partners at Falcon Express, CLR leaders executed a comprehensive tribal logistics study and managed a $100 million trucking operation in Iraq
Amman, Jordan
Al Seqir – an Iraqi-owned logistics company stood up through the ITN – managed tribal relations and oversaw logistics operations throughout the country
Central Afghanistan
Senior CLR leaders executed a feasibility study and business plan that led to the creation of a local trucking newtwork on the ITN model
Arlington, VA
CLR is headquartered in Arlington VA, allowing us to provide superior DOD support
CLR worked closely with CENTCOM on logistics projects in the Middle East.